Survey -Nomadic Community Gardens

5 thoughts on “Survey -Nomadic Community Gardens”

  1. good to see your body of work underway! I have chosen a similar project in that is an area on the edge of town (an Edgeland!?) that is being developed. Google maps etc obviously of help here but one needs to make one’s own images! I have actually created a learning log and another blog for my BOW as a way to present it to a wider audience. ( Have you considered contacting your local newspaper? They might take interesting photos especially if there is a story attached. I guess you’ll be working that day but on Friday May 3’rd there is an urban image making workshop run by ex OCA student Gill Golding at Goldsmiths Shall be keeping an eye on what you are doing … !!??

  2. to add to my previous comment … I think you need to be careful about “publishing” copyrighted material on your blog! RE googlemaps etc but also the architects drawings. The fact they are available on the net does not give you the right to republish them. I keep this kind of stuff in a digital notebook I think this is the real reason some students keeps their blogs encrypted

  3. I like the human aspect to your project and reckon this might be of central concern; I have started to focus more on nature particularly the birds that visit as there is not a lot of human activity in the area though it was once a dog walking site. Sadly no more … best Amano

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