Assignment One – Body of Work

4 thoughts on “Assignment One – Body of Work”

  1. This is a GREAT start to Level 3 – a really engaging set of images. Don’t worry too much yet about narratives emerging or any of that stuff, just keep shooting and editing/sequencing and it will start to become clearer how you want the final set to look.
    A couple of questions/thoughts to throw in, if that’s OK: firstly, to what extent to you consider yourself (/do your subjects consider you) to be an insider vs outsider (ref Solomon-Godeau theory)?
    Secondly, you already have a ‘stance’ on the subject matter (celebratory, festival atmosphere etc), but is this an idealised vision? Is the community more nuanced, does it have a ‘dark underbelly’ or any tensions? If so, do you feel the need to cover this (documentary style) or are you happy to present a subjective vision?
    Good luck x

    1. Thanks Rob – great questions. I definitely feel like an outsider at the moment but a couple of the key players have welcomed me as family and given me carte blanche (and I am hyper-local so I feel some privilege/smug confidence about being part of the regular scene). I think my pictures will be better if I can keep some distance though. I would like to think that my ‘idealised vision’ was actually a deliberate narrative approach but I have to admit I have been quite enamoured with the vibe there (you know what a Pollyanna I can be) and I am going to let it play for a while. I have been able to see the tensions and dark underbelly from the start. It is def going to be subjective. Would love to see your photographic take on the place – hope you might be able to visit before it closes.

  2. When I was considering the genre of my BoW, I was not aware that the genres are fluid: you don’t have to have either documentary or conceptual, for example, but you can have conceptual documentary. I found that quite liberating! Good luck with your work which sounds like you are going to have fun with it.

    1. Thanks Anna – I was writing up my thoughts on this a couple of weeks ago (although yet to publish my ramblings!) and I realised, like you, it is liberating to consider the various genres but also accept it is all fluid. It helped me to articulate where my practice sits but without feeling restrictive.

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