A major setback

5 thoughts on “A major setback”

    1. I don’t know the situation but maybe the diary is lying around somewhere at the place you photograph (having been read by some people who might be wondering what you are up to!??) You could always ask for it back? While photographing on the outskirts of town, I have been shouted at a few times and abused “You have no right to take my photograph without my permission!” kind of stuff (actually one does but its’ usage is another matter) but have had many more smiles and thumbs up! If one is in a public place is allowed to photograph and these were not portraits but environmental shots in which one sometimes cannot avoid people. I understand you have an ethical approach but please don’t let yourself be compromised. who would actually want to keep your diary? Maybe put up a sign?

      1. I posted about it on the NCG FB group and all the volunteers there have been looking for it but to no avail. The bag also contained a hand fan and a small paperbook (Merlin Coverley’s Psychogeography) so I am wondering if it was stolen. One of the people who was hanging around us that day has some mental health problems and drug dependencies and I think she grabbed it. Maybe.

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