Contemplating video

5 thoughts on “Contemplating video”

  1. I concede that this may be my own personal hangup but I consider video and still photography to be two fundamentally different media that have their own advantages, disadvantages and purposes. Video is, as you point out, an easier medium to consume as it is a stream of images more akin to ‘real life’; the power of still photography is in freezing the moment, stopping time. Its intent is almost the opposite to that of video. I think on a photography degree you need to be able to really robustly justify the use of video. It can work really well as a ‘making of’ / contextualisation counterpart to the core photographic work – not sure it generally works as well as a way of presenting the work itself.

  2. I agree with you completely and I realised when I did the OCA Digital Film module before G& M that it is never going to outshine still photography for me. However, I’d like to stay open-minded about all forms of lens-based visual communication and IF my BoW is about creating a portrait of a place (although it probs isn’t) then video would help (and make an exhibition be more widely appealing to more consumers). “Functioning takes place in time, and must be explained in time. Only that which narrates can make us understand.” Thanks for your insights, as always.

    1. What ho Eddie Muyerbridge!

      Arguably still and video are opposites but if one wants to present video in one’s final BOW then why not!? Am considering a time lapse as part of my presentation but realise the need to fine tune it and do a little research into appropriate software etc

      Muyerbridge is an inspiration. Great still work which lead to moving images …

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