Reflection – January 2020

7 thoughts on “Reflection – January 2020”

  1. Helen, what is the narrative behind the closure? Where did the commandment come from? Is there not something else going on behind what you have already shown us? I am intrigued … maybe the management will let you into the site briefly to make pictures of what is now the circumstance … as for your woes, they ring too closely to my experience which makes them in a weird way, comforting !!

  2. Hi Helen, have you drawn up a reading list for CS? If you have, get going with that. I found that as I did the reading, I could formulate some questions on things around my topic that I wanted to explore. That, in turn, defined the images I wanted to make. I was looking over my assignments the other day and discovered that in A3 of BoW, I had 3 mini BoW – roughly relating to the 3 questions I had formulated. Cutting those 3 BoW down to one didn’t quite resolve itself & I only really managed to do that in SYP. Get into your reading list, I’d say.

  3. I feel like everything is interesting but think I am going to do something nostalgia. If anyone knows of good sources on that please let me know so I can amass a bibliography. Thanks lovely people x

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