Level Three Support Group (aka L3SG)

11 thoughts on “Level Three Support Group (aka L3SG)”

  1. I would like to have joined this session but did not know it was taking place; I see there is one on the 9’th September. How might one be part of that?
    “We are using the chat room feature in the G-suite to share L3SG info” great! again how might one be part of that?
    Nothing against all women groups (am used to being the only male on occasions) but do prefer more gender balanced sessions. I am interested in feminism but when it starts to become politicised then as a male I am likely to feel alienated.

      1. Wow, you might want to finesse your debating skills, my friend. And if you genuinely are “interested in feminism”, maybe do a bit more research?

      2. Marxism is usually considered political but actually Marx said stuff like “we live in a time of space compression” a remark which I guess can be politicised but actually stands out as more a philosophical statement. There have been many feminists all of whom have taken different views but obviously you know more about that than I !!

  2. If we were sitting outside at L’Entrevue in Arles having this conversation, I think Matt might have just said: you don’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t have the time, or the desire, to discuss this with you, Amano. Sorry mate.

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