The Lighthouse

This movie, directed by Robert Eggers, from 2019 is described as horror in some critical circles which would normally be enough to put me off. Having glimpsed the trailer at Rich Mix last year though I was keen to see it. We were never able to catch it at the cinema due to logistics but … Continue reading The Lighthouse

The Edge Witch Experiment

“Do you have a magic spell to return someone to life?” she said. “No,” the witch said, “I’m sorry.” “Oh.””Why don’t you tell me about them?””Will that bring them back?” “For us. For a little while. Stories are a different kind of magic.” [1] This experiment is ongoing and is about exploring my sense of … Continue reading The Edge Witch Experiment

Glitch experiments

I have been playing around a bit with the Glitch Lab app , which I learned about from my good buddy Rob Townsend. Part of my research and experimentation for my BoW is a consideration of fragmentation and discrete entities and how to portray the unhomely – unheimlich – at home. The Glitch aesthetic and … Continue reading Glitch experiments