The Edge Witch Experiment

“Do you have a magic spell to return someone to life?” she said. “No,” the witch said, “I’m sorry.” “Oh.””Why don’t you tell me about them?””Will that bring them back?” “For us. For a little while. Stories are a different kind of magic.” [1] This experiment is ongoing and is about exploring my sense of … Continue reading The Edge Witch Experiment

Assignment Two – Body of Work: tutor feedback and reflection

Feedback on assignment You’ve written a good commentary to accompany your submission of your portfolio of WIP (a selection of images shot at your chosen locale, comprising of close portraiture, candid street-style photography and environmental shots). You yourself mention ‘I still don’t quite know what I am working on. Is this a portrait of place … Continue reading Assignment Two – Body of Work: tutor feedback and reflection

Portrait experiments

The feedback from my tutor and student peers has been that the portraits could be a strong anchor for this project. I do not want to lose the unique sense of place and will need to experiment with some strategies to incorporate the junkyard aesthetic but, for the moment, I am working on the human … Continue reading Portrait experiments