Assignment One

For my Body of Work, I plan to chronicle the final days of The Nomadic Community Gardens, creating a rich narrative as an extended portrait of a place. The Nomadic Community Gardens, Fleet St Hill, London E1 5ES,  is a “meanwhile” space and an experiment in social regeneration. The area is owned by developers but … Continue reading Assignment One

Unstoppable: Sean Scully

Last night I watched the documentary on Sean Scully that lots of people in my social media feed are talking about. A fascinating biopic about one of the most successful artists in the world, directed by Nick Willing for the BBC. Lots to unpack and consider but some things that struck me on first viewing: His … Continue reading Unstoppable: Sean Scully


In the spirit of keeping an open mind about the subject for my Body of Work, I am currently pulling together all the scraps of ideas from the last few years and working through what still resonates and interests me. This was my ‘statement of intent’ as I progressed to Level 3: Studying Gesture & … Continue reading Mind-mapping