Despite setting up and hosting the Keeping up Momentum session, I have been struggling to find the time and motivation to make work. I’ve had lots of ideas and paths presenting themselves to me but have just felt heavy and slow and too anxious to commit to any decisions. However, inspired by some of the … Continue reading Uncharted

New horizons

“My garden’s boundaries are the horizon”.  Derek Jarman was talking of the beach at Dungeness surrounding Prospect Cottage, a fisherman’s hut he bought in 1986 and transformed into a personal sanctuary and space for art. (Art Quarterly, Spring 2020). He was referring to the absence of boundaries or walls or fences – his garden merging … Continue reading New horizons

Marc Wilson

It is a bit spooky (but very serendipitous) that Wendy mentioned Marc Wilson in our last tutorial and then, in an entirely new and unrelated research thread, he came up in a search on Hauntology (my new fave thing). I didn’t really have chance to evaluate this before but it is a bit peculiar that … Continue reading Marc Wilson

Alys Tomlinson

I was rather struck yesterday, listening to the latest  Small Voice interview, by the direct relevance of Alys Tomlinson’s story for anyone tackling a body of work. Never having time for personal projects because of the need to make a living through corporate work, Tomlinson had the nagging feeling that she’d never feel truly fulfilled … Continue reading Alys Tomlinson