Reflection – December 2019

This is disappointing to read – apparently “there’s no bottom to the rabbit hole.” Gutted. Seriously though, I need to be more disciplined and decisive in closing down Google tabs that aren’t gleaming with nuggets PDQ. One of my lovely fellow OCA students recently said that although she is now retired, Contextual Studies is consuming … Continue reading Reflection – December 2019

Contemplating video

  Pros It fits with the festival/Gen Z feel of the place Could capture more effectively the unique atmosphere More engaging in this age of attention deficit A multi-media experience would be more interesting for an exhibition Good creative options beyond pure documentary Cons Privacy – getting permissions would be problematic Revealing any illicit behaviour … Continue reading Contemplating video

The telepathic camera

“How do I focus it?” Joe asked him, lowering the camera. “Oh, don’t bother about that. Just look at me and push the little lever. Your mind will do the rest.” “My mind.” Joe snapped a photo of his host, then handed the camera back to him. “The camera is …” He searched for the word … Continue reading The telepathic camera

Portrait experiments

The feedback from my tutor and student peers has been that the portraits could be a strong anchor for this project. I do not want to lose the unique sense of place and will need to experiment with some strategies to incorporate the junkyard aesthetic but, for the moment, I am working on the human … Continue reading Portrait experiments

NCG from afar

Wendy challenged me to try to get some shots of the garden from above to describe the structure better. Via the excellent Next Door community, I connected with a kind man, living in a flat overlooking the gardens, who agreed to let me shoot from his office and bathroom windows. It doesn’t fully achieve the … Continue reading NCG from afar